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EO Network – Rise 2022

Entrepreneur Organization Gurgaon will be organizing a prestigious event for Enterpreneurs across the globe. The event will host over 800 entrepreneurs from various industries for a multiple days event which will be held across various locations in Indian  national capital region.

The project comprised of 2 Phase launches. The first phase was a prelaunch phase which included early bird registration for members, with discounted fees. This was followed by full website release which included complete website creation, registration rules for members, integration of EO Network platform for assessing any existing balance of members on the platform. 

EO Network - Rise 2022
solution integrates Dynamics CRM, 3rd Party Databases & API 

The solution utilizes Microsoft Azure Services, Third Party API Integrations for identifying member background and credits available with member. The solution was used for creating passes for attendees, attendee verification at the entry gate. The solution also integrates a SharePoint portal which contain details related to membership status, chapter, member credits available for the account.


The solution utilizes .NET Core, MSSQL Server, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM.

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