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Argent Energy, a leading company in the energy sector, we helped create a newly refreshed intranet for their employees. The result is a cutting-edge platform that promises to revolutionize the way employees collaborate and access information within the organization.

The intranet’s overhaul involved a multi-faceted approach, encompassing various aspects of its functionality and appearance. The team embarked on a meticulous site configuration process, fine-tuning every aspect of the intranet’s architecture to optimize user experience. They carefully assessed the needs and preferences of employees from different departments to tailor the intranet to meet their unique requirements.

In addition to the technical aspects, the design updates were a crucial component of the intranet’s transformation. For Argent Energy, we introduced a fresh and dynamic interface that aligns with the company’s brand image. The new design incorporates a responsive layout, ensuring seamless navigation across various devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets.

To further enhance the intranet’s capabilities, the team ventured into PowerApps configuration. PowerApps, a powerful tool from Microsoft, allows users to create custom applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge. By integrating PowerApps into the intranet, Argent Energy has opened up a world of possibilities for employees to build personalized applications that streamline their workflows and enhance productivity.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and improved functionality, the refreshed intranet serves as a hub of knowledge and collaboration within the organization. It houses a wealth of resources, including training materials, best practices, and company updates, all easily accessible at employees’ fingertips. The intranet also features interactive discussion forums and chat functionalities, fostering a culture of open communication and teamwork among team members, regardless of their physical locations.

The successful launch of the updated intranet marks a significant milestone for Argent Energy, reflecting their commitment to empowering their workforce through cutting-edge technology. The intranet is not merely a static tool but an ever-evolving platform that will continue to adapt and grow alongside the company’s needs.

As the company embraces the digital age, the intranet will play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community and collaboration among employees. It will serve as a virtual meeting place where ideas are exchanged, innovations are born, and teamwork flourishes.

In conclusion, Argent Energy’s journey to revitalize their intranet has culminated in an impressive achievement. With comprehensive site configuration, captivating design updates, and innovative PowerApps integration, the intranet is poised to become an indispensable tool in the company’s day-to-day operations.


Apart from the notable increase in SharePoint site visits, the implementation of the new intranet has brought about a plethora of remarkable improvements:

  1. Reduced Mailbox Bloat: With the new intranet in place, the volume of emails and file attachments cluttering employees’ mailboxes has significantly decreased. This reduction in unnecessary email traffic has streamlined communication and improved overall productivity.
  2. Diminished Verbal Requests for Files and Resources: The intranet’s user-friendly interface and efficient search capabilities have minimized the need for employees to verbally request files and resources from their colleagues. Instead, they can easily access the required documents through the intranet’s centralized repository.
  3. Central Collaborations for Expansive Projects: The new intranet has become a hub for collaboration on substantial projects, particularly during expansions. Teams from different departments and locations can now seamlessly collaborate, share ideas, and coordinate efforts in a centralized virtual space, leading to more efficient and successful project outcomes.
  4. Streamlined Onboarding Process: The intranet has facilitated a smoother onboarding experience for new employees. Comprehensive onboarding materials, training resources, and company policies are readily available on the platform, expediting the integration of newcomers into the organization.
  5. Centralization of Fragmented Communications: Previously, communication across the two countries in which the company operates was scattered and fragmented. With the intranet’s implementation, all communications have been centralized, fostering better connectivity, information sharing, and teamwork between the two locations.
  6. Aligned and Organized Policies: The intranet has served as a repository for company policies, ensuring that all relevant documents are easily accessible and organized within dedicated Document Management System (DMS) libraries. This alignment of policies has increased compliance and improved clarity for employees seeking guidance on company procedures.
  7. Integration of Low-Code Automation Platform: As an added benefit, the intranet has successfully incorporated a low-code automation platform, empowering employees to create and deploy custom applications with minimal coding efforts. This integration has led to enhanced process automation and increased operational efficiency throughout the organization.

In conclusion, the new intranet has proven to be a transformative asset for the company, offering numerous advantages that extend beyond the initial increase in SharePoint site visits. The platform’s diverse features, ranging from reduced mailbox clutter to streamlined collaborations and automated processes, have significantly enhanced productivity, communication, and overall organizational performance. As the intranet continues to evolve and adapt to the company’s evolving needs, it is poised to drive continued success and efficiency across the entire organization.